Bespoke Services

As a QRMO client, you can choose from amongst our core modularized services
to design a package that meets your own unique requirements. Please click on the options below:
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    Shadow NAV

    – Daily indicative NAV reporting
    – Verification against your fund administrator’s official NAV
    – Investigation and reporting of breaks
    – P&L and Attribution Reporting
    – Independent Valuation

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    Position & Cash Reconciliation

    – Daily position and cash balance reconciliation against your PB/custodian records
    – Investigation and reporting of breaks
    – Multi-Prime Broker data aggregation
    – Cash projection reporting

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    Post-Trade Processing

    – Trade booking & verifications
    – Investigation & reporting of breaks
    – OTC products handling & monitoring
    – Corporate action monitoring & reporting
    – Margin & collateral management
    – Expiry and reset reporting

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    Independent Risk Reporting

    – Daily risk limit monitoring
    – Position level exposure reporting
    – VaR reporting
    – Sensitivity and scenario analysis
    – FX exposure reporting
    – Greek and DV01/CS01 reporting

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    Transparency Reporting

    – Risk & Transparency Reporting
    (i.e. OPERA)
    – Short sell reporting
    – Risk & return statistics
    – Definable levels of transparency and aggregation supported

Comprehensive / Modular Services

As we offer the flexibility for you to subscribe to some or all of our services, you can combine our bespoke services to enhance the overall offerings with the ultimate aim of achieving operational alpha.

Enhanced Middle Office Services

High level descriptions of our services include:
  • Post-trade processing and confirmations with investigations
  • Reconciliation of P&L, position, cash, NAV and many more with investigations
  • Security collateral management and margin requirements
  • Data aggregation and consolidation of activity across all major counterparties
  • Maintaining a centralized database on trade data and instruments for clients’ portfolios
  • Reporting of daily NAV, realized and unrealized profit and loss (P&L) and customizable P&L attribution reporting

Enhanced Risk Services

High level descriptions of our services include:
  • Advising and establishing risk limit framework in accordance with clients’ trading strategies
  • Monitoring risk limits with alert to clients, investors, board of directors and risk committees
  • Providing meaningful multi-dimensional user-defined scenario stress testing & sensitivity analyses
  • Generating risk exposure reports relevant for the products and markets clients are trading in